Monday, April 25, 2011

You may not want to follow us around...

Randy and I have noticed a trend amongst the Day family. It seems like whenever we move someplace, or at times visit someplace, there is some sort of bizarre thing, totally out of the norm for the area, that happens while we are there. Some examples: we had not lived in Louisiana for more than six weeks when Katrina hit. Initially we thought we were getting stationed in New Orleans, and I was a little bummed when it turned out to be Monroe, but was way happier with where we ended up after Katrina hit! We were also in Louisiana when Rita hit, so I guess I need to apologize two times to the people of Louisiana. After we left Louisiana, we moved to the Fort Hood area, where crazy ass Nadal Hasan decides to shoot up the place right down the street from Randy's office. In fact, Randy was supposed to be at the procesing center to get some shots, but a meeting ran over and he wasn't able to get there. Thank goodness for small blessings! Next stop, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where the area has the worst winter it has had since 1912. They had to cancel school for something like 11 days, and post actually shut down three times, which is unheard of around these parts! Then the Day family loads up and takes a little vacation to St. Louis, where a tornado hits while we are there and destroys the airport. We didn't even know a tornado had hit, since we went to bed so early that night. We woke up to text messages and Facebook postings asking us if we were okay and we had no idea what people were talking about until we turned on the news! So, this summer we are moving back to Louisiana and that does not bode well for the state. I must apologize beforehand for anything that might possibly happen while we are living there, but hopefully we will be able to break this streak we seem to be on!

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