Thursday, May 12, 2011

How Did I Get So Lucky????

As many people know, I was a little bit "older" when I met Randy and we got married. While people are waiting longer to marry these days, by age 32, I was wondering if I would ever find "the one." Once you hit a certain age, it seems like it is harder and harder to meet people. I had great friends at work, but most of them were either married, or in relationships and didn't really want to go out and do the singles scene. I gave my best friend Krista a lot of grief for doing the Internet singles thing, and I swore I would not do it.......that being said, I finally decided I would give it a try, since I wasn't meeting anyone any other way! Boy, did I meet some doozies!!! I usually assigned them names, as it was easier to keep track of them this way. There was T-Rex, who had these really short arms; Corvette man, who was the largest man I had ever seen stuff himself into a tiny car; Stinky, well lets just say if you fart on the first date, you aren't getting a second; Crazy Dave...fairly self explanatory; then there was Howdy Doody! My first date with Doody, he took me hiking and to lunch. I am not much of an outdoorsy girl, and I did worry a bit that he was going to take me to the mountains and chop me up, but it went okay and I agreed to a second date. On our second date we went to the movies. I thought he was a little odd, because he made sure that our arms didn't even touch on the shared armrest. Our third (and supposed to be final) date he took me to a drum recital at UTEP. By this point I had decided this was a nice guy, but a little too nerdy for me and I needed to move on, so I wrote him an e-mail saying that, but without calling him a nerd!! Well, he was composing an e-mail to me at the same time that said he knew he had come off a little nerdy, but he had been married before and things had ended horribly and he didn't want to move too, I decided to give him another chance and nine years later here we are, Me and Doody against the world!!! I could not have asked for a better husband or father for my children. He loves me unconditionally, even when I tease him mercilessly and accidentally shave one of the children bald. I often tease him that the third time was a charm for him, but I am indeed the lucky one, and I would not trade my Doody for anyone else!!! I love you, EUGENE!!!! lol

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