Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home is where the Army sends us, but I still miss my friends!!

"Home is where the Army sends us." This quote can be found in many different Army homes, and it is true. While we occasionally have some say so, more often than not we are sent to a new duty station to fulfill "the needs of the Army." So far for us, this has worked out and the Army has not sent us someplace that we were absolutely dreading, although I am a little iffy about Fort Polk, but I believe it is what you make of it! The worst part, however, about leaving a duty station is moving away from the good friends you have made. This has been particularly true for me in our last two moves. When we left Hood, I was not only leaving my sister, but had made some really good friends in the Meetup group that I belonged to. It is sad to move on, because you miss so many milestones in the lives of the people that you once saw several times a week. For example, I still haven't gotten to see our good friends Stephanie and Josh Moody's Samantha in person, and I have no clue when I ever will! Here at Leavenworth, we have met so many nice people, but in about the last six months, we have just clicked with the Powell family. I was sad to see all of their stuff getting boxed up yesterday, knowing that meant the end of our time here together was coming to an end. I know that I will make great friends in Louisiana, and who knows, it is a small Army and we may even meet up with people again somewhere along the way, but it is still sad to leave those that you have grown so fond of!

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  1. You will enjoy Fort Polk and meet lots of awesome ladies there!! But I will agree moving is the best & worst part of Army life. We are blessed to meet so many wonderful people but it's always so sad when we have to bid farewell. Wish you the best on your move to Ft. Polk. Keep in touch :)