Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Am Missing The Mom Gene

......that makes me crafty!! I love my boys to death, but I HATE holidays around pre-school. Seriously, it is a bunch of four and five year olds ladies, you don't have to impress me, or them for that matter, with your ability to make cupcakes on sticks and Valentine's cards with your sweet child's face on them!!! Today, the boys had their little party at school. We got a list of names for Valentine's on Tueday, and me being me, forgot all about the list in the van until 6:00pm last night. I rushed to the PX before Bible study and bought two boxes of $2.96 Disney favorites Valentine's Day cards, and then proceeded to spend 1/2 an hour writing 38 names on them for class today. When we got to school this morning, I got the boys settled and then spent 15 minutes putting the cards in everyone's little bag. I was almost run over a couple of times, by moms with huge BOXES of Valentine's goodies that they were trying to stuff into the little mail bags that the kids had made. When I picked the kids up, and we got their bags home, I was amazed by the lengths some of the parents went to. Goody bags, with their child's picture and name on them....really??? Some of these things had to have cost the parents a fortune. There are 38 kids on the Tues/Thurs preschool class, and I am guess some of these parents spent about $5 a bag!! I am sorry, but I just can't see spending almost $200 on a Valentine "card" for a bunch of little kids. This is why I taught middle and high school, and not elementary....a.) I don't think I could put up with some of the elementary parents, and b.) I just don't have the crafty gene in me. My mother didn't have it, and I have never known my Nannie to be particularly crafty either. This is also why I loved my friends in Texas. I offered up my house to host playdates, and bought drinks and plates and they were in charge of all things crafty. It worked out perfectly... I need to find me some more friends like that, and pay them to put together crafts for my boys at holiday time!!!

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