Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our 7th Anniversary!!

Today is Randy and my 7th wedding anniversary. We got married in the hottest church, on the hottest day and then took the hottest trolley ride ever to Fort Bliss for the reception. Poor Randy was wearing his wool dress uniform and, did I mention, it was hot! We had a beautiful wedding though and a great reception. I have to laugh though, because while our wedding was awesome, we seem to have the most unromantic anniversaries ever! Here is a little timeline for you:
1st anniversary- I was five months pregnant and we spent it moving from Texas to Monroe, La.
2nd anniversary-This was the only one that has been uneventful!
3rd anniversary-I was in the middle of the world's worst pregnancy with Carter!
4th anniversary-Randy was in Georgia taking a class getting ready to deploy 15 days later.
5th anniversary-Randy had just returned from Iraq.
6th anniversary-I had lapband surgery two days prior and we were getting ready to move to Leavenworth.
7th anniversary-We are in the world's smallest FGO house with nothing but a card table, four chairs and a couple of air mattresses!!
Now, if I were a shallow person, this would all bother me, but I find it very funny. Oh the stories we will have to tell our grandchildren. A word of advice for anyone our there that is going to marry someone in the military: GET MARRIED IN OCTOBER!! Do not get married during the middle of what will become prime PCS season! lol

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