Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Wish Everyone Could Experience...

Growing up in the El Paso area, I never paid much attention to Fort Bliss. We were out in the valley and rarely got to the Northeast and I just did not have much to do with the area. It was "just there." I think it was that way for a lot of my friends. Of course, this was prior to 9/11 and the whole patriotic movement that went on immediately after that. My first real experience with the military was when I started dating Randy. I had only been on post a couple of times prior to dating him, so I didn't know much. As many of you can guess, I was immediately mesmerized by the prices at the PX! Seriously, I never imagined I could get a Dooney for such a great price!! Slowly I also starting getting wrapped up in other, less shallow parts of military life. I attended my first hail and farewells, dining outs and other functions. For the three years that Randy was stationed at Bliss, we always went to the Christmas tree lighting and got to hear the Army band play Christmas carols. Seeing all those men and women in uniform, especially their dress blues, always makes me so proud. Now that we live on post (and right across the street from post headquarters) I get to experience even more of Army life. I wake up to a bugle call and know that the day is coming to an end to a bugle call. I wish that all my friends could experience what it is like to have a complete stranger come up to your husband and thank him for what he has done for his country. I am a very proud Army wife and I don't mind saying it. I think if more people were able to experience what it is like to "be" military we would have a much more patriotic nation. I know that I am much more "hooah" than I ever was before. Seeing a hearse driving down the road carrying the body of a soldier that died for your freedom will certainly change your perspective, and actually knowing the person will change it even more... So, I do wish that everyone could experience a little of what it is like to be a military family. I am proud of my husband and his fellow soldiers and I am so very glad that I have gotten to be a part of this crazy Army life!

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