Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW!!!! (and lots of it)

Being from Texas, snow is very exciting to me. We would usually get some snow once or twice a winter (maybe) and it was always a fun time. Well, I still like snow, but my first big snowstorm in Kansas is something to behold! I am used to an inch, maybe two if we were lucky, but it is predicted that we could have up to 8 inches here by tomorrow. That is right folks, 8 INCHES!!! I don't know what I am going to do. I am not even sure that I can back out of our driveway. We already have a couple of inches on the ground and it has started coming down hard again. Of course, Carter loves it and wants to spend as much time outside as possible. Me, I would much rather watch it from inside the nice warm house with a cup of cocoa in my hand. So, this is one of those "watch what you wish for," moments for me. I always said that I would like to live someplace that has seasons, and now I am experiencing one of the four! I have decided it might not be my favorite one! Keep warm folks!!!!


  1. Enjoy! I wish it was snowing here instead of this dreary cold rain!

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