Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Totally Unprepared...

Those of you that know Randy and I well, know that we don't get in a big hurry with anything. We are pretty much "fly by the seat of your pants," kind of people. I am not sure if Randy has always been this way, or if being married to me has turned him like this. If we are due somewhere at 6:00 pm, I can usually be found trying to find the shoes I want to wear at about 5:58 pm. Even if we are in the car, ready to go on time, one of us usually forgets something and we have to turn around and go home. This is just how we roll, and while it drives my mother and sister crazy, I don't see it changing anytime in the near future. This particular little foible of ours did turn around and bite us in the ass yesterday. Since moving to Kansas, we love to follow the weather. I have weather bug on my iPad, and my parents got Randy a really cool weather clock thingy for Christmas. We check it all the time, and have had a lot of fun living in a new area and seeing how cold it gets in the winter, so there is no excuse for us being totally unprepared for the weather that hit us yesterday. We knew there was snow in the forecast. We knew there was A LOT of snow in the forcast. Did we panic...no, we did not. In fact, all Randy did was run around like a 9 year old chanting "snow day, snow day," and all I did was keep my fingers crossed that they would not cancel Carter's first day of preschool and ruin the 3 hour nap I had planned. Did we plan for inclimate weather....no, we did not. We just went on like it was any other day. So, when we woke up Monday morning to 5 inches of snow, did we have a snow shovel...no, we did not. Did we have ice melt....no, we did not. Did we have weather proof mittens for Carter...no, we did not!! We were totally unprepared for this weather event. Randy had to get a ride to school, because we could not get the van out of the garage. Someone had to give him a snow shovel, because we could not get to the van out of the garage to go to the store. We had to put two pair of wool mittens on Carter's hands, so that he would not lose fingers! I do not know how we found each other, but it is a good thing we did, because we would probably drive organized partners insane! Ha, and the government allows Randy to be in charge of millions of dollars worth of equipment! Fools!!!!

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